Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Morning, Just Before Dawn

It's Wednesday morning, November 5th.  We're still waiting for someone to make a call on Alaska, so far Sullivan is holding 49% against 45% for Begich.  Virginia is going to a recount, and Louisiana is going to a runoff on Dec 9.  As it stands now, without the results of those three, the Republicans have regained control of the Senate, adding 7 seats, and retained control of the House with 25 additional seats.  Mia Love won, Sandra Fluke lost.  Poetry.

Mr. Obama will be busy over the next period of time making sure that everyone knows that this outcome is everyone else's fault, not his.  Democrat operatives all over the country are quaking in their boots.  They have failed The One.  

And Harry Reid sits somewhere in the dark, waiting for the phone to ring.

Right now it's 0430 in Arizona.  The stars are still shining, and soon the sun will rise on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  Harry Reid has conceded his role as Senate Majority Leader, and waits for Obama to start doing what he does best, rationalizing and blaming people.  

America has finally stood up and rejected the left's vision of utopia. The American People have given our leaders in Congress one last opportunity to pull this country back from the brink of ruin.  I pray they have the courage to live up to it.

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  1. Our Scott Walker won, too. :)

    ♫ Oh What a Beautiful Morning! ♫