Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Question of Patriotism...and Bad Movies

This picture needs a missile in it...in a downward trajectory...

I'm sure most everyone has heard by now about this movie The Interview and threats from the thinly veiled North Korean sponsored group "Guardians of Peace" (lovely Newspeak, that). They've threatened to cause Sony harm if they didn't shut down the movie. Sony went ahead, and the group hacked Sony and released mostly materials showing that leftist Hollywood executives are racist hypocrites.

Come on North Korea...tell us something we didn't know, amiright?

Now the Guardians of Peace (GOP, not to be confused with Republicans) are threatening to 9/11 movie theaters in the USA if they show the movie. I generally take such threats seriously, except this is the DPRK we're talking about. They make threats in their sleep and then make videos to show their people "proving" they carried out the threat, even though they did no such thing, since such videos "prove" New York has been nuked about a dozen times by now. So there is probably no actual risk to any movie theaters or movie-goers.

I've, up to this point, not had any interest in seeing The Interview. It looks dumb, even if the premise is kind of funny. It's probably full of a lot of off-color jokes, foul language, and sophomoric humor that I am just not interested in. However, the DPRK has made me ponder the following question: Is it now our sacred patriotic duty to suffer through this film? To show that we will not be deterred by some fat munchkin dictator and his minions?

The part of me that has good taste, is sensible, and doesn't like raunchy comedies says "No". The American in me cries "Yes! These colors don't run!".

Do I need to recalibrate, or am I on to something here?


  1. 'Murica, baby! You're on to something.

  2. Now I'm tempted to buy a ticket and not see the movie.

  3. I didn't even WANT to see this movie. Now I'm starting to feel like it's my patriotic duty or something.

    If I get ronery, I might just screen Team America.