Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Last Christmas Post My Sagunto

There isn't a "last Christmas post" on MY blog until I say there is. And if you have no idea what Sagunto has to do with the title, then research it, and figure out what the ancient Latin name for the settlement of Sagunto was. That is your homework for the day.

Christmas. Bah Humbug. Quite easy for me to say this Christmas. With the world in chaos. Seriously, how do you focus on Christmas gifts and holiday time when your world is falling down around your ears?

False hope I reckon.

We are faced with an insurmountable come out from this with an intact republic. Yet, America is faced with an increase....a dire illegitimate immigration. "Oh, to Heck with those Mexicans".

Trust me, we would wish for Mexicans, who have thus far proved to be quite excellent workers.

What we are now faced with are the rest of South America. Carrying disease. Carrying the diseased thought that government, and not people, make success.

Mexico is hard enough to prove the lie that government does nada. The rest of South America? They think government is there to protect them.

The US is designed on the backs of entrepreneurs, the idea that better business hires more workers.

Except, in Central and South America, the possible workers demand $50 an hour and insane benefits. No wonder US manufacturing jobs ran to Asia.

Immigration, whether we like it or not, is our new challenge. I'd take all of Mexico over the real jackwagons wanting entrance into our country. Mexicans are a lot of things, but they understand crap. They know that, if you don't work, your butt is toast. If you don't achieve, then you are written off.

South America? Expectations minus reality. The idiots think that free lunches are not only real, but expected.

Ain't that much free peanut butter n jelly in the world.

Give me Mexicans. To Gehenna with the rest of the interlopers.


  1. I DID qualify it as MY last Christmas post, just not in the title.

    And all I could find on Sagunto was that its old Latin name was Saguntum, which translates roughly into English as Saguntum.

    I assume it doesn't have to do with wisdom as in sage as that might seem, as the actual Latin root of sage is salvus.

    My guess would have to be that it refers to a word that is not polite, as in "Samson slew them with the jawbone of a Saguntum." Or "kiss my Saguntum."

    But I could be's been known to happen.

    1. "Kiss my..." is darn near on the mark.

      Arse (I have to assume it was pronounced Ar-sey) was a Roman settlement in Spain in the modern day vicinity of Sagunto.

      Don't think Wikipedia can help you on that one (yes Virginia, some things ARE that obscure), which is why I chose it.

      Oh, and as to the reason for this post, I was half asleep, sick as a dog, and had read some article somewheres.

      Generally how I usually am inspired to write drivel.