Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions for the New Year

It's actually been two years since I last posted my resolutions here, so I thought that before I try for some new ones, it might be fun to go back and see what sort of success (or lack thereof) I had in keeping the ones I made.

The first was to try to spend less time comparing liberals to Nazis, since this devalues the comparison through overuse. I think I did fairly well at this over the past couple years I can only think of a dozen or three instances where I used the comparison. Validly, of course.

Second, I resolved to spend less time comparing democRat leaders to Hitler, especially since their fatalities number more along the lines of Stalin and Mao. I believe I used the Stalin comparison a number of times, and not so much the Hitler, but when you consider that over 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion, you can see that they are working toward a genocide that would have made Hitler envious: Even Hitler couldn't convince the Jewish people to eradicate themselves! And better yet, they've convinced them that it's their Human Right!

Ah well, third. I resolved to lose weight. I DID lose weight in 2013, 50 pounds. But I found it all again in 2014. Oh, well, there's always 2015...

Number four was to increase my walking mileage from 750 miles to 800 or even 850. This I did not do. I actually increased it to 1000 in 2013. But 2014 was a terrible year for me, and I hope I never see its like again. I only managed a little over 500.

But I still walk at least a mile every day.

Hand-in-hand with number four is number five, wherein I resolved to increase my long-mileage hikes. Again, 2013: Good; 2014: Not so good. I had a fair number of hikes over 10 miles in 2013, maybe close to a dozen, but in 2014, I barely scraped 5 miles, and that only a few times.

Number six was my assault rifle resolution. Did I succeed? Let's just say that I'm far better armed now than I was two years ago. And I'm a pretty good shot.

Somehow, I have managed to keep number seven and have significantly lowered my revolving debts. No, not somehow, actually: I work two jobs, often 55-60 hours a week, with an hour and a half roundtrip commute between the two and home. I've been tired, but the work is paying off, even with a significant increase in tithing and charitable giving.

And last but not least was number 8, in which I pledged to throw what ridicule I could back at the Alinskyite liberal left, and to use their tactics against them. I think I did okay, but not much for the last year. I will have to step my game up again, if I want to make 2015 a better year.

Okay, so out with the old, now in with the new.

Going on the assumption that 2015 can't possibly be any worse than 2014 (and 2014 was the type of year that makes a persistent vegetative state seem desirable), barring all-out nuclear holocaust (DON"T GET ANY IDEAS, KIM JONG-UN!!!), I am going to go positive. Or as positive as I can, anyway.


1). I am going to let my elected representatives know that I'm out here and I'm not pleased with the way things are going. The default position of the Republican Party seems to be Downward Facing Doggy. The voters of this nation just handed them a giant stick with which to whoop the democRats, and they seem to be trying to do all they can to avoid using it. Enough is enough, and we should let them know.

2). I want to let the democRats in Congress know that I'm out here, as well, and that I'm not pleased with their treasonous activities. They think they can rewrite history and lie and pretend that everything is peachy? Well, NO! I think it's time they all know that their actions have consequences, and those consequences are hurting those of us who have to deal with them.

3). Really, I want to try to be funnier and write better stuff for this blog. Some has been good over the last couple years, some not so much. But I want to try to get back into the picture captions and fake news that I think I am pretty good at.

4). This year, I want to stop procrastinating. Instead of getting things done a week or two late, I want to get them done only a day or two late, which is why this is post is up on the 1st of January, rather than the 8th or 12th.

5). Personally, I want to find my way back to the losing attitude I had with my weight in years past. I'm tired of being fat, and after a humiliating experience at Kings Island this summer, I know I need to.

6). I want my grammar to improve this year. I therefore resolve to not split any more infinitives, because splitting infinitives is a thing to definitely not do.

7). I don't think I'll hit 1000 miles this year, but I certainly think I can do better than the 511 that I did last year. More long hikes, longer daily walks...Maybe I can turn it back around.

8). Finally, I have decided that I am going to grow some self-esteem. I am going to let the whole world know exactly how wonderful I am. If someone has a problem with me, then that's just what it is: Their problem, not mine. Because, as my daughter says, I am AWESOME! And if you don't think so, you're just jealous.

This is going to be my theme song: [Warning: PG-13 in nature, but nothing worse than a 10 PM network show...]

Anyway, hope your New Year is great, especially if your old one sucked as bad as mine did.

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