Thursday, May 21, 2015

And Don’t Forget to Randomly Capitalize Words

Comment form for light, diverse video posts on news-oriented sites:

Slow news day? C’mon [title of site], what does this have to do with [general theme of site]? How about reporting on [current news item or conspiracy that has been covered elsewhere or in a previous post]? [include several links]

If I wanted to watch a video of an [expletive + subject of video] I would have gone to [other website]!

Ho hum. Well, that’s [length of video] minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

By the way, who proofreads this stuff? [point out typo] My second grader can write better than this.

And who keeps deleting my comments? I wrote two others just like this today with no profanity or threats and they just disappeared! Hopefully, this one will stay up.

Forget it, I’m going back to [news aggregator or other site]. Goodbye!