Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Democrats to the Rescue

 "I've got the House on a string, I can make the R bow..."

You know I've spent so long despising Democrats, for very good reason, that it comes as a shock to me when I have to agree with one or a few of them. But when I have to agree with almost all of them...well, let's just say I have to at least consider I'm having a nightmare.

But, it's no nightmare, and it ought to be quite obvious to anyone why that is. What I am referring to is today's Democrat filibuster against a procedural vote on the so-called "ObamaTrade" bill. Obama's latest grasp for executive fiat backed by the Republican party and vehemently opposed by the Democrats.

At first glance, one might be tempted to think that this is a rare example of the President reaching across the aisle and doing "what is best" for the country. At first glance I'd call you a moron for thinking that. I mean, 6 years of Obama should have taught you by now, silly.

And one might think that anything smacking of "free trade" is a good thing for capitalism. Again, I smack you for thinking that. The Devil, as they say, is in the details. And also in a can, in ham and chicken varieties. But I digress (This digression has been brought to you by Underwood™).

Free trade is a tricky thing, every bit as freedom itself is a tricky thing. Freedom has to be bought, and we Americans know and accept this. The price is blood, sweat, and toil, as well as knowing that total security is impossible. Freedom requires sacrifices. Americans agreed to that a long time ago, and it's a part of our psyche to accept that.

Free trade also requires sacrifices, but what are those sacrifices? Does it mean that all nations can equally trade freely and to the best market goes the spoils? If it did, it might be acceptable to Americans. But "free trade" means something entirely different. In the context of global politics, "free trade" means the US will trade with others on others' terms and take any losses incurred as an act of good will.

That isn't "free trade". It is economic slavery. Much like certain members of the EU are now economic slaves to the rest of the EU. Let me remind you...the EU is not technically a united government. It is a trade union. And through that trade union, political concerns are enforced. Ask the British what their main concerns are right now, and you will find rampant immigration of EU members that enter the UK and go straight into their welfare system high on the list. The UK are slaves to EU laws that require unrestricted immigration within the EU.

That is exactly what Obama wants. Some sort of "AU" perhaps, allowing unrestricted access by citizens of failing nations within the Americas to the United States. Or maybe even the dreaded "TTIP", or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which would for all intents and purposes join the US with the EU. Unfettered immigration enforced by a trade union. And a trade union established without consent of Congress if they give the executive branch such unchecked power in trade agreements.

If it takes the Democrats to save us from that, so be it. If it takes some joint effort by US labor unions and the Tea Party, so be it. If it takes a joint effort by Superman and Lex Luthor, fine.

Seriously, if it takes those types of polar opposites to stop a thing...that should tell you something.

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