Thursday, June 25, 2015

Short and To The Point

I'm so angry at the SCOTUS right now I can hardly see straight. 

Not simply because they ruled against "my side", although of course that stings a bit, but mainly because they exceeded their authority in the WAY they ruled.

SCOTUS has no constitutional authority to rewrite laws. They can rule on them - namely their constitutionality - but they "can't" (supposedly, but apparently nobody can stop them) actually rewrite them. According to their constitutional duty, if they thought the ACA "meant" something other than than what its written text said, they should have struck it down, sending it back to Congress with a polite note along the lines of "you screwed up - try again".

But no, they've chosen to rewrite this wretched evil law TWICE because it can't stand on its own. They've damaged jurisprudence in this country for who knows how many years to come. Maybe forever.

When it comes to the Supreme Court of the United States, I now find myself in contempt. 

I never thought that would happen.


We need a new President, and we need Chief Justice John Roberts to retire, even if he has to be impeached.


  1. hahahhaha

    sweet conservative tears nourish us


  2. It's not Conservative TEARS that nourish you, so much as Conservative DOLLARS.

    That EBT ain't gonna refill itself, you know.

  3. Hunter, what we really need is a few governors with some guts who will merely throw the apocryphal words of a racist democRat (BIRM) right back at them: "The Supreme Court has made their decision. Now let them enforce it." (I'm paraphrasing there)

    Or they could use his actual words: "The decision of the supreme court has fell still born, and they find that it cannot coerce Georgia [or whichever state] to yield to its mandate."

    Then we'll see another Trail of (Liberal) Tears.