Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Humbugs

It's no secret around here that I am, shall we say, NOT a fan of Christmas music. And further, that I consider it my sacred duty to ruin the enjoyment of said music of all those that I come in contact with,

Thus begins another round of off-kilter stuff.

This first is actually my new favorite Christmas song, for this year  at least. There were  bunch of homemade videos of it on YouTube, and a live version, but I kind of like watching this guy translate the lyrics into American Sign Language. Music for the Deaf. What will they think of next...

Next up is a classic. I dedicate this song to,,,well, if you think it's dedicated to you, then it probably is, so let's just roll with that,

I saw Alice Cooper in concert earlier this year. He combines several of my favorite attributes in that his music rocks, his stage show recall some of the classic horror movies I grew up with, (Because my dad made me watch the horror movies HE grew up with, and the fact that Alice Cooper is, by all accounts, one of the absolute nicest people in the history of rock-n-roll. He is a born again Chriatin, raised in a Restorationist Church, and apprently uses his experience overcoming alcoholism to help other trying to accomplish the same goal. That said, this song is not one of his finer moments.

Is it possible for anything to say Christmas more than Metallica Christmas Carols, with orchestra? I don't think so.

If this isn't the absolute worst Christmas song ever, I don't know what it would be. Here, it's made barely palatable only by the presence of screaming heavy metal guitars, which, in my humble opinion, make just about anything better,

And to cap off our  little musical revue, here's everybody's favorite coach serenading us with another classic.

Okay, for the two or three of you out there still out there, here is an actual Christmas song, played straight, by an amazing young woman and an equally amazing young man. Look them up if you don't believe their stories are amazing.

And if you disagree, you're a horrible person. Just sayin.

And a gift for you that shows that there is still kindness and love in the world, even if we can't always see or feel it.

And, last but certainly not least, this young man moved into my church ward from Wyoming over the summer. He's already spoken to the congregation, but had to do it via Skype, as his chemotherapy wouldn't allow him to be there in person. I couldn't find an of his Christmas music online (He played two beautiful songs at the Christmas program on Sunday), but this should give an idea of his talent.

Happy Christmas to all!

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