Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Clinton White House: The Second Amendment

As we continue to put together a picture of what a Hillary Clinton White House would look like, based on both the past and the present, let's discuss the important "issue" of gun control, a subject near and dear to the heart of the progressive left and personally to Hillary Clinton herself. 

Make no mistake, Hillary and the Left's intentions are not to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms, whether through watch lists, outright bans on firearms, or any other means, because they know, although they won't admit it, that such laws do not prevent criminals and terrorists from getting them.

They know such laws will only prevent law-abiding citizens from obtaining firearms. And that is the goal. An unarmed populace is far easier to push around than one which is armed and capable of threatening the political elite. The fundamental nature of our Constitutional Republic makes it very difficult for the progressive left to push through their agenda and turn our country into a more or less socialist collectivist state.

That is why it has taken almost a century of media control, education control, gas-lighting, political correctness, identity politics, and attacks on constitutional rights to get to the point we are now. And we are nowhere near where they want to take us. However, we are near a point of no return.

There is nothing magical about guns like the AR-15 or similar weapons that make them more dangerous than a common pistol or shotgun. They are simply more convenient and adaptable to various situations. They cannot fire any faster than a pistol or in full auto, not that it constitutionally matters, and are an exceptionally good weapon for home defense.

Banning them merely means further reducing citizens' access to weapons that put them on par with a potentially tyrannical government, or a foreign invader, or terrorists and criminals. All of these parties will always have access to any weapons they can pay for, whether legally or illegally. Laws don't stop terrorists or criminals, for example. They only stop law-abiding citizens.

The 2nd Amendment is not, and never was, about hunting. The 2nd Amendment does not create any rights, nor do any of the Bill of Rights create a right. They simply state our inalienable rights as a way to protect us from government overreach.

The right to keep and bear arms is an extension of the fundamental, absolute, and natural right to live, and also rights of freedom and liberty. Being armed is the only way to guarantee you have a chance to defend your life and the lives of your family if someone intent on violence should attack you. Police, more often than not, always arrive after the fact of a crime, and not in time to stop it.

The 2nd Amendment also keeps a significant amount of power in the hands of the People. A fully armed populace is a serious threat to any would-be tyrannical government. It is a last line of enforcement for our Republic. If the government were to ever attempt to establish an authoritarian regime, either by cancelling elections or other means, they would suddenly find themselves facing a multi-million person army completely surrounding them. 
No military on Earth, not even our own, is prepared to face such a massive force. It keeps our government in check.

Which is why Hillary and those like her want to disarm us. They do not want to face the reality of an armed "mob" in the event they overreach just a little too much. They want to be able to be far more aggressive in pushing their agenda without fear of the People continuing to force them to be subtle.

It is "taking too long" for the progressive left to change the country. That is why disarming citizens has always been a top priority.

Another Clinton White House, this time with Hillary at the helm, would most likely push to weaken the 2nd Amendment. Keep in mind: the Supreme Court would be her weapon, not our defense, because the next president, whether it is Hillary or Trump, will be able to appoint enough justices to the SCOTUS to sway it one way or the other. This would severely endanger our 2nd Amendment rights if Hillary were to win the presidency.

Don't be fooled: the Left will not stop at trying to disarm us. And the majority of Republicans don't take this seriously enough to put up a solid defense. This is not an issue that can be "negotiated". The Left may settle for some ban on semi-automatic rifles, because a populace armed with pistols and shotguns is at least less threatening than one armed with AR-15s and civilian M-4s. And as always, any compromise with the left is always a victory for the left, because they are always on the offense, while the center and the right are always on defense.

In all reality, from a basic understanding of the intent behind the 2nd Amendment, no firearm should be banned, not even fully automatic military weapons. No citizen should be forced to be at a disadvantage merely because they obey the law. If a terrorist or a criminal wanted a fully automatic AK-47, they can simply get one from the black market. Law-abiding citizens have no access to such a weapon without breaking the law.
And don't fall for the idea of banning sales of weapons to people on "watch lists" which have no form of due process, and again, will not stop actual terrorists or criminals from obtaining firearms. Watch lists could easily be abused to violate your 2nd Amendment rights. Anything, from a speeding ticket, to saying the wrong thing on social media could put you on some watch list, and you wouldn't even know about it until you attempted to purchase a firearm.

Keep these things in mind come November. Many people seem to have let their dislike or even hate for Trump cloud over what a Hillary administration means. Staying home, or worse, voting for Hillary as some form of protest is too dangerous. The Clintons should never be allowed anywhere near the White House ever again. 
We are at a point now where such an administration would be disastrous and the effects likely irreversible.

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