Friday, July 22, 2016

Make America Great Again

I never thought in a million years I would be this excited about Donald Trump.

I mean…it’s Donald Trump, right? Kind of a goofball, entertainer type, business mogul. Calls into Fox & Friends every once in a while, has a reality show.

What does he know about America and being president?

Apparently a lot.

Time after time after time, he nailed it. Speaking to The People, not the political class. Not to the media. Not to the corporatists. Not to the pundits. But to the people.

Even if he had no idea what the real problems in this country were (and video evidence suggests he did know), he literally spent time listening to what the people…callers to radio talk shows…were saying for the last few years. One can only assume he talked to his “bottom level” employees as well. And I am sure he talked to plenty of other business owners, who he knew personally. All to find out (or to verify) what the real problems in America are.

And you can criticize his way of speaking if you like. You can criticize his hair. You can criticize all kinds of superficial things about him. But when it comes to substance. When it comes to ACTUAL…he is beyond criticism.

Because he has allowed himself to become a voice for the people. He is saying what we have all been thinking.

The political elite call this “populism”, and they say that with derision. They say populism means “catering to the masses”.

I’m wondering where the masses fits in with “Government of, by and for the people”.

No, we are not a straight democracy of mob rule. But the majority does still rule. Because the majority feels, personally, the effects of every single policy established by their “betters”. The people who are conveniently never effected by those policies.

Populism, better defined, is running on a platform that the majority of people (lower and middle class) can recognize as things that will make their situation better.

The upside of that, in a capitalist society, is that what makes lower and middle class lives better actually helps Main Street business. Wall street will lose, at first, but it’s not going to bankrupt them. And, let’s be honest…when has the Dow or the S&P indices ever helped the average American personally?

Jobs, manufacturing, things…created right here in this country. Manufacturers not looking for a quick exit to a cheaper base of operations, will help Americans get back to work. Then they will have money to spend. And the government will not be shelling out money it doesn’t have to people not employed. And they will be collecting taxes from those who are.

And when there are jobs, jobs, jobs, everywhere, then crime falls. A small percentage of criminals are just evil people. The majority are less than stellar at making life choices, but when there is obvious, legal, opportunity…they take it. Less crime, less angst, when there is opportunity.

Trump said “We cannot have prosperity without Law and Order.” This is true. But we cannot have Law and Order without Prosperity. Look at every crappy nation in the world. What do they have in common? The majority of the people are either dirt poor or struggling.

If it is populism to reestablish basic economics 101 and basic national security, then we need a heavy dose of populism.

This may be a Correction. This may be a Revolution. But whatever it is, it is a SOLUTION.

Donald J Trump – 2016 – Make America Great Again!

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