Friday, September 16, 2016

Reddit is Deplorable

6 Days ago, i posted the following image on Reddit:

Since then it has made the rounds on the Internet and whatnot. Which is fine.

What is not fine is that Reddit banned my account shortly after I posted that picture that I worked so hard on (OK, not THAT hard). What is even worse is that Reddit admin has refused to even respond to my questions of why my account was banned.

Per their own rules, if an account is banned, a user will receive a message or email detailing what rules they broke to cause the ban.

I received no such message or email. And through studying the rules, I found no rule that could have possibly been broken by posting the above image.

I find it odd that such an image would have caused me to be targeted for a ban. I mean, yes, it has gotten around a bit, but it isn't exactly the most brilliant meme ever.

Apparently Reddit is even more sensitive than Twitter or Google or Facebook when it comes to anything that does not align to their political thinking.

This is digital book burning people. It is time to avoid these companies. Make them suffer and turn their overpriced stocks into napkins. They have no business doing business.


Donald Trump was kind enough to walk out on stage in tonight's rally beneath my humble artwork with some great music from Les Mis playing in the background. I am so honored. Also the media picked up on it.

And to top it off, a little bit before the rally, Reddit reinstated my account. Claimed I had been picked off by the spam filter. Uhuh...suuuure.

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