Friday, October 14, 2016

Make America Great Again - And Europe, And.....

This is a link to a song my good friend Rusty Shoal wrote and recorded early in January this year when I told him I was supporting Donald Trump for president.

It's just a very rough draft as you'll hear but, he's helping me to do our tiny part to support Trump's campaign, so I really appreciate his help.

We figure that in the long run, by supporting Trump, we're also supporting Europe and the rest of the civilized world. You know, every freedom loving person doing their small part to make the world a better place.

If you like the song, then please share the link.

Oh, and the title of the song is -

"Make America Great Again"

This crowd in Boston was doing its part recently, when it spontaneously emerged to support Donald Trump as soon as he was seen outside his Trump "Tower"

Being in Boston, I'm quite certain there's many proud folks of Irish, English, German and various other European ancestry who rushed from the local pubs, bars and cafes at the end of a hard working day to cheer on the man they know will not only make America great again, but also their European brethren across the pond.

It takes only a small stretch of the imagination to know that most of the rest of the civilized world will soon follow.

This is why !

National pride is not evil, selfish, imperialistic or "any-phobic." A sovereign nation with controlled borders and immigration is sensible and secure, and provides stability for itself and its allies and friends.

In this era of terror produced death and destruction, one would think that every civilized country on the planet would double its efforts to achieve security and stability for its citizens.

Donald Trump as president will quadruple our efforts for security and stability in America.

With savvy advisers from the military, intelligence and business communities, advisers loyal to our Constitution and the United States, not the global elites and corporations, he'll create a successful formula for stability and prosperity that the rest of the civilized world will simply want to follow.

There's a lot of concern from patriotic conservatives in these United States about the Clinton "underworld" stealing votes to assure Hillary's election.

I think there should be more concern about the rest of the free world attempting to vote for Trump in this election.

Can you imagine the headline heard 'round the world?


It's not that difficult to imagine when you realize some very critical factors:

This is what we've endured for eight years

Early in his tenure, Obama unintentionally revealed his global philosophy. He mentioned having visited fifty-seven of the United States of America.

Nearly all the world knows there are only fifty states in America, at least nearly all Americans know. So, this perplexed me and many others for quite some time.

Then it dawned on me. The other seven states he visited were actually seven continents where he traveled.

He considers the continents of the world as states within his realm!

So, when viewed from that perspective, his global mindset is revealed and, when you consider the vast population of those continents/states, one billion votes for Donald Trump doesn't seem that far fetched now, does it?

This is his one "progressive" idea that I might be grateful for based on the huge potential advantage it could provide in the election, which would then benefit all the patriotic conservatives in America and the rest of the free world.

But, when you set aside his global consciousness (and his less than adequate geography education) and focus on his Marxist principles, his Black Liberation Theology influence and the promissory note from the global elites that says he can keep the Nobel Peace Prize, then you'll understand our frustration.

This is the position Obama put us in for eight years

So I have a dream.....

That on January 20th, 2017, the millstones will be lifted from our shoulders, we'll exhale the poisonous "progressive" air from our lungs, we'll share a seemingly coordinated sigh of relief and we'll breathe deep in the bountiful rushing wind of restored liberty.

And we'll laugh again.

Not the phony laughter we contrive when our future is uncertain. Not the forced laughter we use to mask the nervousness when contemplating a death to our nation by a thousand cuts.

No. I'm talking about the peals of booming laughter that starts in the belly of the soul.

Divisions based on the color of our skin will dissipate quickly. There will still be judgment, but, based on the content of our character and the color of our souls.

If God allows Martin Luther King Jr. to view the glorious results from the picture window of his heavenly mansion, he'll joyously lead the heavenly choir for a thousand years.

We will be a United States of America again. And yes, we can laugh again.

And the rest of the civilized world will laugh with us, not at us.

This is how our laughter can look again

It won't be a dog eat dog world for much longer!

I have a dream.....

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