Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just Like Heroin Addicts

 "Believe me, I'm not licked yet, folks. We can still fix this.
This is just a little bump in the road.
Huma, you get a hold of George, Rupert and Valerie.
Maybe Jebby can give us a hand, too.
Let's get this taken care of, whatever it costs.
So, you better also call your cousins in Saudi Arabia."


Just like heroin addicts gotta pump their junk, professional liars, deceivers and manipulators can't quit the habit.

These "news" pros like Murdoch will do anything to diminish Donald Trump's victory, which indirectly fuels the fire of the "protesters" around the country.

Certainly George Soros and Americans United For Change wouldn't have anything to do with clogging streets, destroying property and waving preprinted "not my president" signs, right?

Well, as of 4 pm eastern time today, Thursday, November 10, mainstream "news" source sites, INCLUDING FOX NEWS, show Trump winning with 279 electoral votes.

UPDATE:  As of 12:30 am eastern time, Friday, November 11, Fox News reports Arizona for Trump giving him 290.

That's with 100% of the votes counted in Arizona and Michigan. PERIOD.


He got 306 electoral votes. Trump won Arizona and Michigan.

279 + 11 (Arizona) + 16 (Michigan) = 306

Look at the map on Real Clear Politics, who at least reported Arizona for Trump which gave him 290.

RCP national election map

Now look at the results map of Michigan from RCP.

RCP Michigan election map

Now look at Fox News results online. Still at 279 (was at 4 pm Thursday - see update above) like nearly all other mainstream sources.

Fox News election results

If we don't know by now to turn off the TV, because virtually everything that gushes through the airwaves and out from that screen is manipulation, deception, distractions and lies, well then,


This is not about the number of votes.  It's about the truth.

Principles matter.

A friendly reminder of what could have been
"Oh, don't worry about that whole seizure thing.
I'm as healthy as a mare on breedin' day.
Don't keep naggin' me about that.
You just get me there, guys."

And, some things will never change...

Congratulations, President-Elect Trump!

We will Make America Great Again!

Fellow patriots, turn off the TV. 

We've got work to do.

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