Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shooting the Gap

So, a month after being elected Trump has met with some criticism. Either he is giving away positions as a reward to people loyal to him, or taking too long, or not taking enough time. I don’t really read too far in to any of those complaints, most of it sounds too much like the media looking for a debacle where none is to be had.

One surprising pick to help Make America Great Again however has been met with possibly even more surprising acceptance. I am talking, of course, about General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. The man is a living legend who is respected by the left and the right, here at home and abroad.

It comes from the life the man has lead, and lets him shoot the gap (it might be the last thing he hasn’t shot) between so many different concerns. Mattis has been described as “The Warrior Monk” For his long service to our nation and his habit of bringing his library of military history, comprising some seven thousand titles, with him from post to post.

Working with General David Patraeus he quite literally wrote the book on fighting a counterinsurgency operation for the Army and the Marines, and commanded Special Forces operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

I could go on, really, but if I did that people might suspect me of being part of the Marine Cult of Mattis. I’m not, I was Army. Through all the forty four years of Mattis’ service though, he has not only covered himself in glory but acted as a fine representative of our nation to foreign leaders both military and civilian.

There really is no question about the man’s qualification, and if he lands the position it stands a good chance of fixing a crisis of morale that our troops have suffered under the feckless leadership of the current administration.

My only question is, what if this is just set up for a Mad Dog 2020 presidential Run

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