Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This Is Why I'm A Libertarian: Obamacare Edition

So, I don't get healthcare through an employer, my dayjob is through a small private business, and I do contract work on the side. Because of this I am forced under penalty of the federal government with-holding earnings from me in the form of the penalty to income tax returns unless I participate in the Ponzi scheme known as Obamacare. We libertarians are a contentious lot, and many will make the statement that taxation is in fact theft. I'm not one of those hard liners though.

If I'm not a taxation is theft hardliner then what is my issue with Obamacare? Well first of all it creats another
government monopoly. A du jour monolopy it is true, but with Obamacare forcing everyone to participate in a market with tighter regulations than at any point in the past, where every program must meet not-very-minimum standards, and there is no competition across the state lines. Needless to say monopolies are bad for consumers, but when that monopoly has the force of government behind it then it becomes a particularly odious form of evl.

A second reason would definitely be what I experienced today, after a recent move I had to update my information, what should have taken minutes ended up taking over an hour and a half and multiple phone calls as well as referencing the website atleast once per call. This is fairly typical of the government at the federa level because in a penny wise pound foolish attempt at cost cutting they accept the lowest bids, get shoddy systems and inevitably have to engineer complex and costly work arounds that are a compromise between too man differing agencies and agendas. The federal government is, simply put a moribund, bloated thing that needs to lose the fat. Until that happens and more power is placed locally, no matter how good the intentions are of those at the top, the system is going to keep being a junkpile held under them by red tape.

And that is just one more reason I am a libertarian,

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