Friday, May 26, 2017

Beggers of the world unite, comrades

Apparently the person or people who run the Just Some Antifas tumblr think begging is a job. If you don't believe me but don't want to give them the clicks I got a screencap of their post included here for you.

They seem to be under the misconception that the only definition of a job is that people pay you for something, and in so far as it goes that argument goes it isn't entirely wrong, it isn't entirely correct either. Their arugment falls apart when they define the good or service of begging as the act itself. There simply isn't anything there.

Capitalism is when in its purest form simply a very advanced form of bartering where currency is a neutral medium that allows for different goods to be exchanged more fluidly, as there is a defined objective value instead of an abstract value. Begging has no objective value and only a very nebulous abstract value, the feeling of moral satisfaction attained from doing good on the part of the person who gives. That money exchanged? It isn't the result of labor, but a charitable donation with no real value to the person who makes the donation. That's the whole point of the charitable donation exemption in the tax code, the government is paying you for good work such as assisting the disenfranchised.

There is a lot you can say about Antifa and how they are spoiled children. Seriously, google the phrase "antifa are spoiled children" and you will find news articles, blog posts and youtube videos aplenty,  but this tumblr post exposes one of the core reasons no one outside of their like minded regressive leftist allies can take them seriously, they lack common sense and any sort of real understanding.

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