Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Way to Drive Yourself Crazy

So, I have a friend from college who was something of a man-whore back in the day. He was rather promiscuous, and, shall we say, not of particularly discriminating taste.

Well, I've known him for almost thirty years, been out on choir tour with him, and basically know that he's a pretty good guy, on balance.

Given the recent #MeToo craze going around, in which women of all sorts are hashtag-signalling that they've been raped, sexually-assaulted, harassed, discriminated against, treated rudely at Pizza Hut, etc, and the recent allegations coming out of Hollywood, some of them decades old, he's a bit concerned. He doesn't want to think that he caused someone pain, that what he did during his college years was not causing pain years later to someone.

That led to him posting a thing on Facebook wondering about his friends' opinions on allegations that are decades old, which led to me finding a new way to drive myself crazy.

I merely referenced a mock "Sexual Harassment" court that had taken place while we were in school together. Most of us there at the time thought it was a joke. Their female student cried, "He harassed me!" The male student said, "No, I didn't," and the "Moderator" cried, "Off with his head!" (Not really, but the guy got mock-expelled on the evidence of "She-said."

I told him that the standards that had seemed ridiculous at the time were now commonplace on college campuses, even though they are still ridiculous, and that perhaps standards should be reformed to make rape a serious crime again, and not just some bimbo with morning-after regrets, as that is the current definition on college campuses. (Don't believe me? Ask Hillary "All victims deserve to be believed, except my husband's victims, who must be destroyed" Clinton.)

Which, of course, means that I am a rapist.

Wait, what?

Seriously, some "Progressive Feminist" decided that because I wanted some objective standard for what "Too impaired to consent" means, I must have "raped" thousands of women.

And me, like an idiot, tried to have a rational conversation with her.

This is how to drive yourself crazy.

Arguing with a "Progressive Feminist" is a bit like arguing with a Chatty Cathy doll: You pull the string and the same mindless platitudes pour out of each and every one. If you break your "Progressive Feminist," you can return it for another one that will say the exact same things with the exact same lack of critical thought.

Actually, my favorite was a few weeks ago, when I dared mention that I refuse to take moral advice on "Firearms Control" from someone who sees killing babies as a "choice." One said, I kid you not, "You are not a woman - it's not your decision or judgement to make."

I replied with my standard, "You are not an unplanned, unwanted baby. Your opinion means less than nothing."

Which of course got me "Unfriended." And when I noted that on the thread, she called me a "Narrow-minded Ass." So I noted she was a bigoted fascist, and congratulated her on being what she claimed to hate.

No response to that, and no loss. I have at least another dozen Facebook "friends" whose picture and name could be cut and pasted at the top of each of her posts, and no one would know the difference.

I need better friends...

So, in conclusion, just note: Never argue with a a "Progressive Feminist" unless you want to be accused of all sorts of crimes against humanity and driven to the brink of insanity.

Oh, and rape is bad. Don't rape people. I hereby disavow rape.

This country is so screwed.

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