Thursday, June 7, 2012

When Even Reason Itself is Left Speechless

Moonbat Alert!
There are moments in life when you hear or see something that so defies all reason, that all you can do is just sit there speechless for a while, completely dumbfounded. I had such a moment today while going home from work and listening to Neil Cavuto on my satellite radio. He was talking to some political pundit named Malia Lazu about Democrats wanting to raise the minimum wage. She of course, like any leftist lemming eagerly chittered "Ooh, yes yes, minimum wage good, yes yes.". Or something like sounded frantic and crazed anyway. 
So of course our host Mr. Cavuto politely pointed out that in an economy where businesses aren't really hiring, it might be a bad idea to force those businesses to pay their workers even more. Logic and reasoning so simple, even a child should be able to understand. If businesses can't really afford to be hiring people right now, and have in fact laid off record numbers over the past 4 years, then it would be silly to make them pay workers more, in effect making it even more expensive not only to hire more workers, but to keep the ones they have. Lazu's response was that "we just have to find a way to make it work...when we're told we have to raise the wage I am sure we'll make it work". Kinda reminds me of Pelosi saying we had to pass Obamacare to see what's in it.

Now here comes the moonbattery moment of speechlessness-inducing idiocy. Cavuto responded to Lazu by saying that the reality of the economic situation just doesn't allow for a minimum wage increase. Malia Lazu, with a straight face (I watched the video when I got home to make sure her face was indeed straight) replied that "I think, I think Niel that while we can say that this just isn't going to work, and we, and we are being controlled by our reality, I just don't think it works that way."

I, er.....
You might want to read that last line again, just to be sure you read it right, that reality has no control over us or whether something will work or not. Maybe Malia Lazu knows something that scientists and economists do not about reality. According to her, reality is an obstacle that can be overcome to further her ideas.

If that doesn't just sum up the fatal flaw of leftist thinking, I do not know what does. I was going to talk about minimum wage here, but I'll save that for another day. This is too good a chance for me to pass up to explain why there is such a deviation in thinking between the right and the left, and honestly, between the center and the left. For the left, it is always about the end goal, and those goals are a product of emotional reactions to perceived problems. Notice that I did not just say problems, but I qualified that statement by using the word "perceived". Many of the problems that the left preoccupies itself with are perceived through their worldview, and aren't necessarily real problems. 
The right, on the other hand, are pragmatic by nature. We don't consider things from simply an emotional perspective, but from reason, logic, and reality. We are behind what works, and we reject what doesn't. If something is a problem, our knee-jerk reaction isn't "there ought to be a law".  We start with, "how can this be fixed in a way that actually works". See, we don't overlook the facts that reality coldly presents us with. That is the major difference between the right and the left.

For instance, the minimum wage. The left perceives that there is a problem with wages in the United States, even though we have, on average, one of the highest per capita income in the entire world, which is a fact the right acknowledges and thus sees no problem. And for the left, the solution always involves using the federal government to "fix" it. The solution, in their minds, is to force business to pay workers more, by law. Somehow this will both fix a problem that does not exist, and simultaneously work in an economy that is sluggish to say the least with a high unemployment.

When someone on the right approaches the argument with reason, logic, facts, and reality, the left ignores these things. Rarely do they outright say that reality isn't important. Today, one of them slipped up. You can watch it here.

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