Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Silly Rabbit, Labels are for Soup Cans

Labels...those thingies on soup cans. You know, that paper that is glued onto a metal can that provides information such as who made the soup and what kind of soup it is, and some snappy branding that makes us want to buy it. And of course, lets not forget the other side of the label. You know the (FDA regulated) part of the label that tells you about what is in the soup and its nutritional values? Unless you never read that part, just open the can and pour it into a bowl, add a can of water, and nuke it in the microwave. Well, that's what I do anyway. Soup is so mm mm good, or so I have heard.

Anyway, such labels are on food products for a reason: to give the consumer information about what's in the can. Such labels are useful and help people purchase what it is they want. Unlabeled food in cans is all fun and games until you end up with a pantry full of canned lima beans. And nobody likes canned lima beans unless there is something horribly wrong with that person.

So if labels work on food, why not on people? Some lefty nitwit must have posed that question once upon a time because labeling people is now a central part of leftist doctrine. That guy there is an African American. That lady there is Hispanic. This little boy is Asian American, and that man standing over there is an evil white man. Labels, labels everywhere and yet they tell us nothing about the person the left so unceremoniously slaps those labels onto. And if you try to glean some meaning from those labels, it makes you a RACIST™ (RACIST™ is a trademark of the Democratic Party, all rights reserved).

The left goes a step further and complicates things by pulling the old label switcharoo from time to time, and we all end up with those crappy lima beans when we expected cream of chicken soup. For instance, calling a Latino man in Florida "white", or claiming someone is 1/65,535th Cherokee and thus labeling them a Native American.

But the bottom line here is, labeling something, or someone, has to have a purpose. With food products, that purpose is information, since that is really the purpose of any label. So why does the left label people? Information of course. Labels state how a person in a labeled group should think, act, and most importantly vote. Anyone in that group who does differently is simply an anomaly. Lovely how these self-proclaimed intellectuals on the left view individualism, isn't it?

Growing up, I had always heard the old adage that one should never "judge a book by it's cover". In other words, labeling people does not tell you anything useful about that person. Seeing people for who they are as an individual is the only way to know anything about them. Unfortunately, the leftist use of labels has been so absorbed into our culture, that such labels tend to be true when it comes to voting blocs. When enough people believe a lie, it can become fact. If this country ever truly wants to be rid of racism and the prejudices that go along with it, the labels have to come off. The irony is that the leftward Democratic Party and their leftward intellectual buddies, who are the primary label makers, are the very same people who label you a RACIST™ if you try to read into or criticize their labels...

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