Monday, July 2, 2012

The Fourth is Almost Here!!!!111oneone


My favorite holiday besides Christmas is almost here! Only two days until the Fourth of July, the greatest national holiday in the world. A holiday where Americans blow things up and make a lot of noise and eat a lot of fried stuff...well more than regular days. I know I should have waited until it was actually July 4th to post something about it, but I am so excited! 

I understand, lots of people actually despise our country. I don't know why, but I've noticed they don't much care for themselves or humanity in general either. Bunch of Debby downers. This the holiday that celebrates our independence from that little island in Europe (who we eventually chose to be our best friends...well, it was them or the French). 

Independence! Freedom! Fried chicken! Liberty! More fried chicken! What a great holiday. And, as an added bonus, this year marks the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. You know, that simple document that leftists can't read? Hey, maybe that is why they hate America so much, they can't read our founding documents, and so they don't really understand America. It's only human to hate or fear what you don't understand.

But, I want to celebrate their ability to say stupid crap and be all Debby downery this July 4th, because those are protected rights. They can burn American flags all they want, and say they hate America, and say that American soldiers are evil babykillers, and that the President is a moron (which I agree with) all they want, because, you know what? They are FREE to do so. That's what America is about: being free to be as stupid or smart as you wanna be. Say whatever is on your mind. Eat as much fried chicken as you can before passing out. Drink as much soda as your belly can handle (except in New York City). 

I'm not proud to be an American because of some kind of ethnicity that can be traced back a thousand years like most people who are proud of their countries. I'm proud of the United States because we're the best darned country in the world, and the most free. So, this July fourth, make it count. Celebrate this great nation and what it stands for. Celebrate that we can disagree with morons on the left, but we can also share a beer with them, and no matter what either of us says, nobody is going to prison over it. 

It's a free country after all.

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