Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pontificating on the future

My regular Tuesday post will now be some form of political prognostication, and or pontification. I may throw in a few other words that I don't truly understand from time to time also.

#1 representative Nancy Pelosi will use the Aurora shooting to call for new gun control, as well as silencing the tea party. She will be met with opposition from gun and tea party groups, and will have no recourse but to call them racist and make up other things about them.

#2 on Thursday, July 26th, at exactly 6:24 P.M. Joe Biden will actually have a good idea on how to fix the economy. No one believes him and in order to “shut him up” about it David Axelrod buys him a Harry potter Lego set. They never speak of it again.

#3 Barack Obama complains once again about being out raised by Romney. Sara Silverman makes 2 more video's in a Bikini and, to my delight I watch them on mute.

#4 Fictitious Character Will Mcavoy will announces his candidacy for Mayor of New York. After a grueling campaign Mayor Bloomberg, looking at reason and his own record, and realize he cant win against someone who doesn't exist, and resigns.  

#5 some one will release a poll where Obama is winning by 3 points and call him the winner even though its within the margin of error.

#6 someone will release a poll where Romney is winning by 3 points and call him the winner. Even though its within the margin of error.

#7 someone will release a poll of swing states where... OK you see where I'm going with this.

#8 just after the election (so he can vote for him one more time and feel good about himself) John Loviz will announce he's pulling a Dennis Miller and become a conservative. His reasons behind it will be, “I was just voting Democrat all these years because I'm Jewish, and for some reason they make you do that”.

#9 As a result of #8 DVD sales of the wedding singer, and 3 Amigo's go through the roof.

#10 as of November 15th, Joe Biden still has not been able to figure out how to assemble that Lego set, tears follow.

What are some of your predictions?

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