Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thurday. July 26, 2012

• Update! Just checked! Yep...Obama is still a total failure.

• Well, looks like whiny militant atheists are at it again, getting angry about a cross at a veteran's memorial in California.

I thought atheists didn't believe in a god. Then what are they all upset about? What can a cross do to them? Are they like, vampires or something? It is either that, or they consider atheism a religion and all other religions are blasphemous to their spaghetti god.

Seriously, most atheists I've known are pretty much of the opinion that what religious people do has no effect on them. So why do other atheists get all whiny and upset about it? Can we call them atheist-fundamentalists now? Because they sure act like fundies.

• Hey! The U.S. Senate, controlled by Democrats, fell into goose-stepping party lockstep and voted to extend Bush-era tax cuts for everyone...except the evil devil spawn rich people who they hate. Good news is, the Republican-led House is expected to vote that bill down and then punch all of those Democrat hippies in their hippie faces. Just 'cause.

That's how they roll.

• Uh-oh...Obama opened is big mouth (at the behest of Biden) and said he thinks gun-use ought to be controlled. Now them criminals and mass-shootists are screwed. They can't shoot at people with semi-automatic "assault weapons" if Obama bans them. What will they ever do.

No, seriously...does anyone actually believe banning certain weapons stops criminals? Seriously?

Oh noes...they can't break the law by getting certain weapons illegally, because that's illegal! ILLEGAL! But killing a bunch of people is apparently less illegal.

I think I've just come to the conclusion that gun control advocates haven't the capacity for reason and are just complete and utter morons.

Seriously. How dumb can they be?

I am not talking about progressive/marxist/communists. I know why they want gun control...because it is hard to convince people to be good commies when they are armed.

I mean the other people who aren't socialists or commies. Are their brains capable of thought? Do their neurons fire at all?

MURDER IS ILLEGAL! Ok, have we established that?


Freaking morons...

Seriously, if you want stricter gun control laws because you think (I use the term "think" loosely here) that it stops criminals from getting and using guns, then you are a complete and utter moron. Period. End of story. Good day sir!

• On a lighter note, someone invented the bacon-wrapped hotdog pizza. And the crocodile and kangaroo pizza. I've had all four meats, and all four were delicious. I propose a bacon wrapped crocodile-kangaroo-hotdog pizza, with some red-tailed deer sprinkles.

That would be awesome.

All links via Fox News. Because to a leftist, it is like holy water or a cross to vampires. I dunno why, but it works.

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  1. ok he is not a total failure. what kind of racist crap is that?

    for 1 he can wear the hell out of a suit?
    for 2 there are maybe 2 or 3 presidents better at saying stupid stuff than finding ways to lie and say they didnt say it.

    so he's got that going for him.