Sunday, July 22, 2012

throw away sunday

I may be going out on a limb here and stating something that no one agrees with but I'm pretty sick of the media, both mainstream and unmainstream.

Obama still bums me out a lot. I really don”t know what the guy hopes to accomplish other than raising taxes on the rich. This is one of those things that bothers me, even though I'm not rich. If you actually crunch the numbers, his tax proposal will do next to nothing. Seriously it wouldn't even fund the budget for 1 month.

Do you like beer? I sure do. I do a web series on beer and beer culture. You should check it out. Its a bit nsfw due to language, but to keep it on topic we do make an Obama joke in it.
I'm the handsome one with the beard

I don't know how many small business owners read this. I happen to be one. Were not making money yet but we hope to be profitable by this time next year. I know that my partner and I could not have done anything without help. The problem is all the actual work, intellectual property, and production were carried out on our own. All our “help” that we get is on a volunteer basis and we plan on paying them before we pay ourselves. This is something Obama has no clue about, risk. We put our own money up, no loans, government or otherwise. We spend time away from our friends and girlfriends. We have sleepless nights trying to think of the next big idea that's going to put us on the map. We may end up failing, but in the end, success or failure will be on our plates.

I'm not sure if you keep up with baseball like me, but I'm really happy that the Tigers have started playing like the team they were supposed to play like.

Ok that's it. Go out and enjoy your Sunday.

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