Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the News: Bloomberg is a jerk edition

Recently controversial mayor type person Michael Bloomberg was quoted as saying. “The Federal government should assign immigrants to live in cities such as Detroit and if they survive seven years make them citizens”. This sparked outrage by a number of citizens until they all realized, this guy is kind of a butt hole anyway. reached out to a number of people in both our Detroit, and New York Offices.  We gathered these quotes from citizens.

John Sttigle of Detroit “yeah I was kinda angry, then I remembered that this guys all like soda is stupid… so I don’t care”.

Sally Jamick New York “I swear I didn’t know Bloomberg was this big of a butt hole when I voted for him.  I just though, eh we need something a little different around here”. reached out to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing for comment.  He had this to say. 

“One day Mikey B over there is going to realize what a butt hole he is and he’s going to have to apologize for all the butt hole things he’s said over the years.  If he’s not trying to ban large pop, he’s trying to ban salt.  You can have all the pot you want, Just don’t drink pop”.

Stick with as this story develops for further updates

Update: Bloomberg is still a butt hole

Update2: just want to reinforce the butt hole thing

Update3: pretty sure Keln is gonna get angry with all this talk of butt holes.


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