Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the News: Little Big Sis Can't Be Wrong Edition

Homeland security big wig Janet Napolitano has recently released a statement about speaking up at sporting events.  Apparently her office finds suspicious activity anywhere, and that anywhere even includes sports ball games.

Nuking politics reached out to the homeland security division of our government in these here United States.  They had this to say.

“You know its no secret that terrorists like to kill and hurt people all the time.  Why just last week a totally non Muslim guy came up to me and asked for my wallet.  I was all scared and stuff, but I gave it to him anyway.  Then I reported the terrorism.  If it was a Muslim, I probably wouldn’t have reported it as terrorism.  Cuz that’s what we do yo’.

Stay tuned to for more on this story as it develops

Update:  did you get the spin doctors pun in the title?

Update:  I’ll admit I liked the spin doctors when they first came out.

Update:  of course I was like 13 at the time, so its not really my fault.

Update:  I got lazy and didn't caption a photo with something funny.  I'm sorry about that.

(source yahoo sports)

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