Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is a Long one, Maybe You Should Go to the Bathroom First.

I’m not sure how much you have been paying attention over the last few months, but this race is pretty much coming down to one thing.  Do I vote for the white guy or not.  Any reasonable person can plainly see that Romney is not asking that question, but the liberal media is.  I honestly hate using the term liberal media, but it really fits in this situation.  You know what, no it doesn’t.  The progressive media fits better.  Liberal is not a dirty word, I consider myself pretty socially libertarian, and those two words share the same origin.

Last night we had MSNBC talk about how the RNC was nothing more than a night to showcase its rising stars and not talk about Romney.  Here is the thing, they are right.  The reason for it however is not what they think.

The GOP has been going through brand identity issues the past few years.  The regular party had moved to the left and started being stupid.  The tea party came in and shook things up.  No matter what anyone thinks, the tea party is still an active part of politics within the party.  The thing is they are inside surgically cutting away like a ninja rather than hacking away like a, I don’t know guy who hacks away at things.  I hate metaphors.

The GOP due to the tea party has had an influx of women and blacks, thusly throwing away the notion that we are the party of old white dudes.  Its great it really is.  The problem with that is now the Uncle Tom references come up, proving to you and me that the democrats are not free thinkers at all.  See you can’t be black and be a republican.  It’s just not possible.

I remember years ago railing about welfare and other social programs like it, how it’s just used to keep minorities dependant on government programs.  That way the have to vote for the party that’s not going to take away their free stuff.  Then I was told that more white people are on welfare than blacks.  I was shocked… I was shown proof that I was wrong.  Guess what though, it’s still true.

Sure more white people are on welfare that just means they also keep a number of white people dependent on a program that does not lift them out of poverty, but keeps them complacent due to the fear that the safety net may get pulled from under them.

I have a funny story that is not appropriate at all for this blog; it deals with a woman who didn’t want to sign a tax form because she was scared that they would take away her disability if she did.  It was over $50.  If I can find a way to clean it up you will be the first to know.

I moved far too far away from the topic at hand though.  Its funny how all those years ago I was called racist for claiming that blacks were on welfare to keep them dependant on the government, now Chris Mathews is pretty much saying that republicans are racist for suggesting it, even though no one is.


  1. "rather than hacking away like a, I don’t know guy who hacks away at things. I hate metaphors"