Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the News: Someone Said Something Closed Edition

According to super S-M-R-T Ed, Shutz Paul Ryan and Scott Walker were less than honest when speaking about the Jamestown auto plant that closed down.  This led Ed to have 3 consecutive heart attacks and punch and old woman in the face. reached out to Ed to get his comments.

"RACIST STUPID I HAT PEOPLE WHO... WHERE'S MY BOTTLE!!!!!!!! SCOTCH HATE RRRRR:KLJDFPLJSD:FLKJ:LIJF:LISJDF:LSD:FLIJ:LKJ:LKJ:FDKLJ" did some digging and we found out that Paul Ryan was not in fact lying at all about the auto plant. will not be updating this story because we got the facts right, unlike MSNBC who are still claiming its not true.

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