Monday, August 20, 2012

In the News: Turncoat Edition

In a move not seen since the last time this was done, and I would totally have that answer for you if I decided to do any research.  A former Obama campaign co-chair is jumping ship to team Romney.  Artur Davis will hit the trails and stump for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Davis, who is probably best known for being a democrat, and black decided the other day after a coin toss to become a republican.  “I just figured, I did 3 terms in congress as a Democrat; why not try and see how the republicans do thing?  plus, I just couldn't take Joe Biden anymore.  he always wanted to play transformers, but he would never let me be Megatron". reached out to the Obama administration for comment.  We received this e-mail directly from the president.

“Artur is a good man, it’s a shame I’m going to have to marginalize him and treat him like an Uncle Tom.  We had some good times together, but as you all know.  The democratic party feels there is no room for African Americans who think for themselves”.

Check back with for any updates as they come in.

For the full story check the source link below.

Update:  President Obama played some golf today.

Update2:  I’m still a bit hung over from Saturday.

Update3:  what do you think Justin Beiber is doing right now?


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