Monday, August 20, 2012

We Need Progress, Not Progressive

Usually as a logical red blooded American I have to tap dance around the word progress in some circles I travel.  It’s ok to admit that we conservatives have a tendency to get angry at things liberals do and say.  The problem is sometimes those things end up holding us back.

For years I hated the term intellectual because of what it represented.  It was everything that the left aspired to be, though usually just branded them selves as without actually being it.  I’ve been called an intellectual, a deep thinker, a critical thinker and a few other things that I’m not making up and totally swear I really am on a number of occasions.

Its like I’ve always said, when I set my mind to it, I can do anything.  Except drive a stick shift, and please a woman.  Although I think I’m gonna get that stick shift thing eventually

Progressive is a term that we are running away from, but we should never run away from progress.  Progress is what put us on the moon, progress is what put curiosity on mars.  Progress is why we have cars with DVD players in them.  These are all good things, well maybe not the DVD player thing.  That’s kind of dangerous, but the idea of it is cool.

Progressive on the other hand is where we shouldn’t compromise.  Progressive gave us lots of good ideas that were completely bad on execution.  A bankrupt social security, Medicare, and Medicaid that are going to be pillaged for Obamacare soon.   These ideas all seem great on paper.  No one wants to kick grandma out of the hospital when she’s dying, (you know, unless  she cut me out of the will) no one wants to see Sally Staduchie feed her 9 kids cat food for dinner. 

We all like the idea of helping out the less fortunate, no one wants people to go hungry, or die from some preventable illness.  The problem comes when you have a budget crisis, and a program that was solvent becomes unsolvent… or is that antisolvent?  I’m not sure but you get the idea.  When that happens money needs to be borrowed from the general fund, and when that becomes antisolvent then money needs to be borrowed from china.

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but its early on a Monday morning and I didn’t know what to write today.

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