Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Harry Reid a “taxer”?

Outside of crying myself to sleep one of my favorite things to do is turn unwords into word. So without further ado (there you go Keln) I now present my new unword, taxer. Over the past week its come to light from Senate majority leader Harry Reid that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in over 10 years. H-Reids anonymous source has to be rock solid. I mean he said it was from someone who was a Bain capitol investor. As far as I'm concerned the only other higher anonymous source would be Jesus himself... at the very least Buddha. Maybe Krishna if there is a lot of detail, defiantly not Shiva though. Nothing personal but she's talked a lot of crap behind my back. I just don't trust her.

What is a taxer though, well a taxer is a person who ridiculously believes that Mitt hasn't paid taxes in years. Like the unites states doesn't have some organization with thousands of people checking tax returns or something. Like someone could get away with skirting tax laws over, and over and over again.. oh wait.

p.s. that joke was just too easy, but I'm not above easy.

Its pretty clear why this is happening right now, this is the liberal version of being a birther. The main difference though when it comes to being a birther vs a taxer, is that birtherism was an underground far right craze that was perpetuated by e-mail links in order to try and dissuade some of the lesser followers of freedom and free thinking, where as taxerism is being perpetuated by a man in a prominent position within the halls of our government.

You can make the argument that a few republicans here and there have tried to put forth laws mandating that you must show your long form birth certificate in order to run for president, and I say that does not even equate at all.

Being a natural born citizen is a qualification to be president, and yes I believe that lord Obama is one. I tried to think otherwise, but 2 men in black suits came to my house the other day. I don't remember why they showed up, but I do know that I woke up in my bed knowing this about Obama, and I’m not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but I've been feeling a strong loss of dignity, and self respect.

On the other hand, paying taxes is not a qualification to being president. Sure there are legal ramifications at play, but I've been looking in the Constitution quite a bit, and so far I can't find anywhere in that thing where it speaks to off shore bank accounts.

So there you have it, Harry Reid is a taxer, and of course this non story is becoming a big issue, so I hope this unword, that I have dubbed taxer, becomes an ununword.

I also just came up with that one.

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