Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keln's Even Deeper Thoughts, Part Deux

• I heard a spot where Bill Clinton was talking about how Obama is going to fix things things "from the ground up".

I guess that explains why Obama had to run this country into the ground in his first four years.

• Bacon

• I really like Triscuits. I can eat 'em like chips. They are very cleverly disguised as something that tastes good, but are relatively healthy.

And they taste great with bacon.

• Bacon

• It is almost football season, and that makes me very excited. But this college football season won't be as much fun as most in the past. Of course, my Buckeyes have that whole bowl ban thing to contend with, and then we have to get over the fact that Urban Meyer is our head coach. I still don't like him. I probably will next year, but I still think of him as, well, Urban Meyer.

And of course, I'll have to split my already limited attention span between football and this election. This year, I can truly say that the election is more important than how my football team is doing.

Because of the bowl ban.

• Bacon

• You know, these pollsters keep saying that it is a close race between Romney and Obama, but I just can't believe that. I really love America, and as an extension of that, I am inclined to believe that we have less idiots-per-capita than most other countries.

But these polls suggest we have something like 50 idiots per 100 people.

I'm just not buying it.

• Bacon

• You know, bacon is great, and so are steaks. And also cheese, especially good old American cheddar cheese. I've had bacon and cheese stuff, and I have had bacon-wrapped steaks. What if you wrapped a steak in bacon, then covered it with cheese...then wrapped bacon over the cheese, then more cheese on the bacon, and then sandwiched it all between two more steaks?

I think I'd kill for that.

• Bacon

• Janet Napolitano is faced with yet another lawsuit for being a Democrat. Well, it isn't for being a Democrat per se...but the things she is being sued for, like "reverse" sexism, and using government to do whatever she wants to do, regardless of the law or the constitution, are pretty much uniquely Democrat in behavior.

So, I think it should just be illegal to be a Democrat. Think of how much corruption that would clean up.

• Bacon

• Of course, a lot of Republicans aren't too far behind in corruption. There is something about becoming an elected official that just turns you into some kind of crazed jerk.

Or, it is the type of person that runs for office. Think about can't really win an election unless you have a standard kind of background. A background that sociopaths easily slide into. And lawyers.

• Bacon

• Actually, sociopaths and lawyers are probably the same thing.

• Bacon

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