Friday, August 3, 2012

Reader Submission: Mitt Romney and the Bowl of Spaghetti

Well, it's been a while since anyone has submitted something. I dunno why that is as I'm always asking for them. Don't be shy people...if you send me something and it's good, I will post it.

So here's a good one from Frogmouth. Enjoy:

Well, the 2012 Presidential Election is in full swing and the Obama Campaign, the DNC, and their lapdogs the old guard media, continue to trot out accusation after accusation, half-truths and yes, some actual facts about Mitt Romney to turn the undecided and  independent voters against him.

The only fly in the ointment is that for everything they say about Romney, anyone who pays any attention to the truth can counter with something equally damning...if not something worse... about Obama. Yet they continue to fling their strands of underdone spaghetti against the refrigerator door of the voters' opinions in hopes that something will stick.

Let's take them point by point.

First up, they tried to turn people against him by claiming Romney was a bully, based on some behavior from his teen years. Seems he had been a bit of an ass to a boy in school. Trouble is, Obama admitted to some bullying of his own. Of a girl. Ooopsie! I guess the person in charge of propagating that meme didn't read either of the books the President wrote about his favorite subject: himself.

Next up, they tried to get animal lovers up in arms when they leaked a story about how Romney had once strapped a dog crate (with the dog inside!) to the top of his car and drove the dog around like that. That one didn't last long for a couple of reasons. People with pickups drive around with their dogs in the back all the time and the dogs suffer no ill effects and...someone who actually READ Obama's books pointed out that he once ate dog meat. So...even though PETA gives the President a bye on his behavior, ostensibly due to cultural differences, those of us who think for ourselves want to know what's worse: putting a dog in a crate on the roof of a car or putting a dog in the oven?

As an aside, why is it okay for some folks to eat dog because it is culturally traditional for them, but PETA gets bent out of shape because people in THIS country eat beef or chicken (but not at Chick-Fil-A) or pork when that is OUR cultural tradition?

By this time, Romney had sewn up the Republican nomination so the accusations were coming at a Fast and Furious (heh) pace, so I hope you will forgive me if I miss any.

That Romney is one of the evil rich was an obvious go-to argument. But then, so are the Obamas. Next!

Romney accepts campaign donations from evil, rich white guys. Ditto Obama. Plus, Obama's not above figuratively shaking his paper cup on the off-ramp to get those two and fews. Heck, for the cost of a Venti Latte you can get in on a raffle to win a seat in the room where he and George Clooney are going to eat dinner together.

You have to donate big to get in on the party in the steam room after dinner, though. Or maybe that's just an unfounded rumor.

There was also some scandal about the Olympics in Salt Lake City that Romney was associated with. Too many of the wrong people won medals or something. To tell the truth, I didn't even pay that much attention to this one. Being from Chicago myself, I remember when the SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES went to the Olympic Committee (newly minted Nobel Prize in hand) to sell them on Chicago as a venue because, hey...he's  from there and how cool would it be for your little Olympic Games to be associated with his awesomeness? Anyone recall how that worked out? Anyone?

Hey! Romney is a Mormon! They're so weird even other Christians think they have screws loose. But...Jeremiah Wright, anyone? That the President spent twenty years going to this man's church, but never heard any of his hate-filled invective more than strains credibility, it downright pops it at the seams. For what it's worth, I don't believe Obama to be religious at all. In any faith. Being an Atheist myself, I can relate to that. It's one of the very few things about him I can relate to. That he falsely claims a faith he does not have makes him a  politician. "I believe that you believe that I believe what you believe. So vote for me.".

That he ended up in Wright's church at all can be explained by the assumption that Michelle (who admits to having no pride in the country that provided her with an Ivy League education) browbeat him into going. After a brief period, he came to the conclusion that it wasn't fun and/or wouldn't advance his career, so he stopped going. Mere conjecture on my part, but it seems a logical conclusion.

So...let's see...oh! I know! Romney "outsourced" jobs to other countries when he was running some businesses. Obama definitely has the edge on this point. Of all the businesses he's created or run, he has sent not one single job out of the country.

Romney's wife spends an obscene amount of money doing weird stuff that only rich, white people understand? Well, yeah...but it's HER money. Michelle spends equally outrageous sums of money taking extravagant vacations or buying expensive clothes or...well the list goes on. The subtle difference being WE, the taxpaying public, are paying for her  extravagances.

And finally, just this week, the new narrative is that Romney is a wimp. Too big a wimp to be President.

This one boggles the mind of any thinking, rational human being. Wasn't it just a few months ago they were complaing he was a bully? Now he's a wimp? I guess his position has "evolved", but wait...Republicans don't evolve. They are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who
oppose...well, everything really.

And even if Romney were indeed a wimp, do you really want to do a side-by-side manliness comparison with Barack Obama? Oooh, girl...don't go there!

The closer we get to November, the more vile the accusations are likely to be. And as long as Romney continues to brush them aside while focusing on Obama's record, actions and words (You didn't build that!) I don't see how he can lose. For the record, I am not a Romney fan, and voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil, but Obama is a proven failure as a President. And to quote Mae West: "When forced to choose between two evils, I always choose the one I haven't tried before".

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