Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Sunday, August 5th, 2012

• Looks like the Democrats are trying to make it harder for the military to vote in Ohio. They are suing Ohio for allowing military and civilians, and their families an extra few days of early voting if they are stationed overseas.

The dems argue that it isn't fair to give military "special consideration" over other citizens who aren't in the state during the election.

That makes sense. If some soldier from Ohio who is stationed in Afghanistan can't get his early ballot in on time because he was busy out in the field fighting terrorists, then, well, he should have thought about that before following orders and getting into a situation where he couldn't get a ballot. I guess that's the democrats' argument.

Or: the military votes overwhelmingly Republican and Ohio is a battleground state. Maybe that's the real reason.

• The Tea Party is so dead that they have a lot of candidates that they support in position to win even more elections.

That's pretty good for a dead movement. Kind of like dead voters always electing democrats.

• Michael Phelps won his 18th gold medal, giving him a total of 22 medals in his career; more than many small countries in their history at the Olympics.

Obama: "Mr. Phelps, America is proud...but you didn't swim that! Somebody else made that happen!"

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