Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Thursday, August 23, 2012

• I think the reason Obama is lagging in campaign contributions, is because he pretty much angered all of the people who actually have money. You business owners.

I mean, when a guy promises to tax extra hard the rich guy, and then top that off by claiming that people who own businesses (generally rich from the owning of a business) "didn't build that", they tend to, like, not want you to win your election.

So they don't give you money. Is this difficult for Obama to understand?

Much like simple mathematics, I suspect it is...

• Another reason Obama isn't getting money from fundraisers, is because he is allowing Biden's clown routine to be shown on the news for free. He should be charging top dollar for that stuff. It's comedy gold!

• There is apparently a concern that anarchists could attack the GOP convention with acid-filled eggs.

Which posits the question: Which came first, the acid-filled chicken, or the acid-filled egg?

• After conducting target practice with its laser weapon, the Mars Curiosity rover has now belched a bunch of SUV grade CO2 and gone for a test drive all over Mars.


• Hey! You evil Republicans! Barbara Boxer says you don't like your moms and wives.

Is this really the idiocy that Democrats have reached in their rhetoric?

Naahh...they've done worse.

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