Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: August 22, 20-12

  • This Akin thing is really starting to get to me.  How many times do we as republicans need to say “THIS GUY IS STUPID AND HE NEEDS TO GO AWAY” before liberals realize we don’t like stupid.
  • They hold the title for stupid, as long as Biden is still around.
  • Seriously it makes me angry that Biden makes such a ridiculously racist statement and that gets pushed on to Romney being racist, yet one republican says one stupid thing and it dominates the new cycle.
  • This meme about republicans being racist needs to stop.  It’s up to us to stop it you know.  MSNBC isn’t going to just forget about it. 
         To prove my point they are already calling this election the southern strategy 2.0
  • The problem with liberals is they think we don’t care about blacks or other minorities because our programs don’t specifically target them.  What we do it try and lift everyone, not just one group.
  • We can argue top down, or middle out all day.  The fact of the matter is you earned it; I want you to keep it.
          I've often said that if I win the lottery I would give away about (if not more) than half to charity

         But if I made it through shrewd business moves IT’S MINE, HANDS OFF!
  • That’s the difference between conservatives and liberals, you know other than we use logic and reason.  We are the most charitable voting block in America; they don’t think we give enough because they give so little.  So of course we have to be holding out.
  • Speaking of becoming a millionaire, I (along with a friend) started our own snuggle for hire business.  It was just too good of an idea to pass up.

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