Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

• So Romney's campaign has raised something like $60 million more than Obama's.

I wonder why? Maybe it's because so many people are desperate to get rid of Obama? Or maybe it's because Obama has single-handedly ticked off almost every business in the country.

Whatever the reason is, I am sure it wasn't Bush's fault.

But Obama will blame Bush anyway.

• If anyone wondered what the difference is between how those on the right handle it when their own people say or do something stupid and how the left handles it...

Heard of Missouri Representative Akin? He's a Republican running for Senate who said something ridiculous about how, if a woman is raped, then her body will know the difference and she won't get pregnant.

If it had been a Democrat what said that nonsense, they'd be spinning it and saying it was "taken out of context", or just being told he was correct from some crazy point of view.

But since it was a Republican what said it, and being that the right has a propensity for calling bull when it sees or hears it, even the Tea Party types are saying the guy should just go away.

• I know some people are wondering why NASA gave the curiosity rover a laser, and why it is shooting at rocks.

Let's be clear here: Curiosity is on Mars to find evidence of past or present life. It is splitting rocks with a laser for target practice. So if it does find actual Martians, it will be ready.

Because what do you do when you find something weird or alien? Exactly...you shoot it with a laser.

Or nuke it...but those were a little too heavy for this specific mission.

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