Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

• Ron Paul is making a lot of crazy noise at the RNC in Tampa. Maybe him and Biden can get together for a big crazy-stupid celebration.

• Seriously...Ron Paul is like the Harry Reid of the Republican party. He says senile stuff, looks like he's about 200 years old, and doesn't subscribe to a little thing we call "reality".

As in, the reality is Romney is the only guy that cane remove Obama from office right now. It doesn't matter if you like Romney, Obama is far worse. So don't go pulling a Ross Perot on "principle".

Because that is ridiculously idiotic.

• The lesser of two evils is an actual thing. If you want to change that, win a primary election. Otherwise, stop crying about it...Ron Paul.

And his supporters.

Seriously, everyone views you people like crazy religious cult members.

Ron Paul is not your god, and there is no space ship to come and take you back to the libertarian paradise planet Xergnon.

• Elizabeth Warren's driver apparently got into a violent confrontation with some GOP person.

The Warren camp has claimed that the driver was practicing the scalping and raiding techniques that Warren taught him, as was passed down by 1/32 of her family.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that Warren only intended scalping and raiding of taxpayers' dollars, not actual taxpayers.


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