Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

• Harry Reid is saying that no one should feel sorry for him.

Huh? For what? Who was feeling sorry for him? Honestly...what is going on in that  guy's noggin? I think he has officially reached the point where he should be in a nut house. The guy has completely lost it.

Must be all of those years of pederasty and not paying his taxes what's caught up with him.

• Richard Cohen of the WaPo said that Harry Reid is an example of everything that is wrong with Washington.

I'd like to believe that, but Reid is way too extreme of an example. I mean, that is like saying that Muslim extremists represent everything that is wrong with religion in general. It takes a special case of crazy to reach that point, and Reid is an example of special crazy when it comes to a politician.

• Jay Carney has refused to condemn Reid for his making up things about Romney, and went as far as defending the crazy old pederast. Of course, this is the same Jay Carney that refused to confirm both the capital of Israel and the capital of the United States.

Honestly, why does anyone ask that guy anything? If I were a member of the White House press corps (you know, a press corpseman), I would just not go to the briefings, and make up what Jay Carney said as basically a bunch of non-answers. It would pretty much be close to the truth.

Easiest assignment ever.

• Some porn star decided to endorse Mitt Romney. As if it weren't bad enough that mainstream Hollywood types feel the need to endorse candidates, now porn stars? At least she said she wishes Reagan would come back. That is at least more intelligent than anything I've ever heard out of the Hollywood regulars.

Which isn't saying a whole lot...honestly.

Acting should be a minimum wage job. Even though I do not support the minimum wage. I think this is what happens when you give stupid people with no real talent too much money. They suddenly think they are smart.

Most people who get rich do so through a lot of hard work and stuff...so they either have to develop some knowledge and intellect, or they don't make much money. Hollywood types don't get that opportunity. They just get paid a lot of money to say some lines in front of a camera. It's no wonder they act and talk like complete morons without a script available.

That, and after making millions, so many of them end up going broke or in heavy debt. How does that happen? Spending like an idiot, that's how.

Like democrats. It all makes sense now.

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