Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Understanding the Left: Gun Control

I bet the British wished they'd had gun control implemented in the colonies...

I'd figured I should continue this series on understanding the left by discussing their fascination with gun control. Not that such a series might ever end...understanding the left is something that could take a lifetime...or perhaps an hour-long drug-induced suspension of reality. Whichever floats your boat.

I know a lot of people keep saying that the gun control argument has been won by those of us who support our right to bear arms. And for the most part, that is true...however, it will never be a complete victory, not so long as there are still progressives wanting to use government to push their ideologies.

Gun control is a big one, because when you look at the real reasons why the left wants to prevent citizens from having weapons, you'll stumble upon the true flaw in leftist reasoning. And I don't mean the obvious: that making laws against having firearms doesn't stop criminals from getting them...though that does have a connection to this flaw I speak of.

So, with that said, I have to point out that flaw here and now, and it is the one thing that, if you can grasp it, you can at least understand what motivates practically all of the left's stances on any topic you can think of. That flaw is most simply put thusly: The left both hates and disregards human nature, and in an effort to change our nature into what they consider "ideal", they have to force it upon us.

That's really it. Progressive academics know that the vast majority of people will not behave in a way that they see fit. Take capitalism for is a direct economic expression of human nature. If you offer something I want at a price I can afford, I will buy it. If I can't afford it, I won't buy it, and so the price goes down, or the person offering it at too high of a price gets no business. It's all just human nature. Capitalism was never actually invented, as are many other economic is just simple human nature in the market place. When progressives step in and try to change those market interactions, it fails...because they are working against the inexorable force of human nature.

This can be applied to just about anything the left champions. Take welfare, for example. It's free money. When you offer free money to people, and take that free money away as soon as they get a job providing an income that may or may not even cover their living expenses, people will choose the free money every time. It's human nature. That is why welfare gets abused, and why such social programs only serve to increase the amount of people in poverty and on the government dole. The left continues to fight against human nature, but will never win, and that is why they continuously fail.

And that is also why they are for disarming people. Because in every truly progressive government, there comes a point at which their progressive policies and human nature come into real conflict. And what do people do in such instances when they're being forced against their will to follow such poverty-inducing and oppressive policies? They revolt. Look at every dictatorship, communist/socialist, or otherwise in history and you will see the same trend: the citizens were disarmed. It wasn't for their safety or to reduce crime, it was to prevent the inevitable uprising that occurs when people are enslaved by government fiat. It is inevitable. It is human nature.

Had there been gun control, Red Dawn would have been a lousy movie

Now, there are many people, both on the left and the right and in the middle, who are for gun control because they believe the fallacious arguments about guns in society and how they make people more violent. All of that has been debunked a million times over, but people still buy into it, because it scares them that their neighbor might have a gun. But none of these people are for gun control as a matter of ideology, per se. It is really the progressive core that understands why gun control is so important to their cause. knowing that, especially in the United States, armed citizens will stop them eventually, no matter how successful they become in the future at pushing their progressive agenda. 

I know it sounds like I am calling out some vast left-wing conspiracy here. I'm no conspiracy theorist, and I do not own any tin-foil hats. And it isn't really much of a conspiracy when everything I've said is just based on history and the left's own words. It is well known what the ultimate goal of the progressive movement is, not some secret. If the worst comes to pass, and progressives ever turn this nation into what they consider "ideal", you can bet that they'll make sure one thing happens before they really get down to business.

They'll take your guns away.

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