Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: August 21 20-12

  • I’m not sure if I want to tackle this post as a “in the news” post or one of my award winning “liberal facts” type posts.
  • I got a liberal friend of mine to believe my “tax edition” in the news post was real.  That sums up that side pretty well huh?
          I’m not joking, he bought in to it.
  • I still need to see the new Spiderman and Batman movies.
  • “These arms are made for cuddlin”.
  • A woman started a business where she charges people $60 an hour to cuddle with them.  She swears that no sex is involved.  I love the idea of this business.  I hope she does really well.  Some times I just want to be held and have someone tell me it’s going to be alright, although $60 is a lot to pay someone to lie to me.
          When Obama does it though, it costs us all a lot more.
  • This just in from the department of NO $@&*
  • Maybe, just maybe what Akin said will eventually blow over.  The problem is with him saying what he said he is now forever stuck at that level of public service for the rest of his life.  He must have seriously good business kickbacks to keep on going after all that he said.
         Apparently what he said was taught in medical school in the 70’s according to some people I talked to.

        How do you like that?  “According to some people I talked to”.  That is some hard hitting journalism there.
  • My spelling sucks, but my favorite part is on big and difficult words I find myself mouthing the letters as I type as a back up.  So when I do mess up, I can blame my face for being a bad fact checker.

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