Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: August 28 20-12

  • So I have an ulcer
  • Someone needs to open up a fast food place that sells steamed vegetables. I'm hungry and don’t have anything at home to make.
         Of course some how it will still have north of 21 grams of fat... but you know what ever.
  • Just had my fantasy quidditch draft for this year... pretty pretty good.
          I got wood as my keeper
          bell as my outside chaser
          Johnson as my center chaser
          Sloper as my blind side beater
          Weasly as my open side beater
          and potter as my seeker

  • I'm starting to actually realize my own mortality with this ulcer thing. I mean I've gotten the flu a few times. Had it so bad once I was hallucinating, but this is actually the wost thing medically to ever happen to me.
         Oh well.
          Honestly though I wonder if he ever finds his race to be a hindrance in politics?

         Not because of how conservatives treat him, but how liberals treat him due to him not having the hive mind.
  •  things that I hate doing:
         #1 putting fitted sheets on my bed.
  • Don’t forget to ask your questions for Friday

         Good night.

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