Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walkingdead's Deep Thoughts: August 29 20-12

  • So my plan for the RNC is to watch it on MSNBC because... well... I hate myself.
  • I'm going to watch the DNC on Fox though. That will be good for a laugh.
  • Honestly though, how is Ann Romney 63? She could pass for 40 easy, maybe even younger.
  • None of this is meant to be a slight, she's possible the most easy on the eyes 63 year old ever.
  • What happened to Justin Verlander yesterday?
  • There are two ways to do something.
         #1 My way

         #2 The right way
  • I could really use an 8 hour nap.
  • Dear Apple computers:
         what is wrong with a 2 button mouse?

         Never mind I'll answer for you; NOTHING!

         I really dislike apple and their products.
  • Did you ever realize that the same hippies that are screaming for gun control are always screaming that Pit bull attacks are not a problem with the breed but a problem with the owner? IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chris Christie really rocked it last night. As a fat guy I aspire to be half as awesome as him.
  • I could really use an 8 hour nap
  • Tuesday night at the RNC wasn't about Romney at all. It was pretty much an audition in the likely scenario that Romney stumbles and screws up a sure thing.
         I know all about screwing up sure things. I should introduce you to some of my ex-girlfriends
  • the best part about watching MSNBC's coverage is watching them make predictions about the speakers, and having them be wrong every time.
         But whats different you know?
  • good night


  1. Especially following this latest Apple lawsuit, yeah I hate them too. They sued Samsung for making a smart phone that looks like a smart phone. "Hey! No fair! You can't make something that does things like iPhone, which makes phone calls and stuff!".

    I found myself wondering where the makers of the Blackberry were in all of this...who made the first smart phone. And it was also rectangular, which according to Apple is a violation of their patent.

    I think Apple owes Blackberry like 10 billion or something.

  2. their entire defense boiled down to the iphone is a rectangle and samsung phones are rectangles also, so they infringed on our patents.