Friday, August 31, 2012

Walkingdead's Surface thoughts: Morning After Edition

Ok so I was wrong about “super secret ninja one” speaker at the convention. It was Clint Eastwood. I would have rather had Clint Howard though. He could have told stories about how difficult he brother (Opie Howard) was to live with growing up, also what it was like to be a really cute kid, and an ugly ugly man. It's not his fault though, I don't hold it against him. I myself am a “going bald” ugly guy. The difference between him and I is I don't have a famous brother who's also a director.

Now to be fair he did do quite a bit of acting before Opie hit it big, but you know, its just not as fun to write the truth... 'Em I right MSNBC?

Marco Rubio did a great job last night. I really like that guy, he's not as dreamy as Paul Ryan, but he's pretty, pretty close.

There really are so many great Republicans coming up. You have Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, and don't forget Paul Ryan, and his dreamy blue eyes.

I'm glad Mitts first words were accepting the nomination. I was worried that we would have to have a primary “do over”.

And by worried I mean hoping.

How cute is code pink? Their all like “AHHHHH YOU REPUBLICANS LOVE WAR NOT OBAMA THOUGH”. If they ever looked outside their window they would probably see some facts for once.

I was going to do another “ask me anything” but no one sent any in, and I didn't feel like making anything up.

Maybe later I will. I'm not sure. Don't count on it, don't not not count on it either.

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