Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walkingdead's Surface Thoughts

A lot of people gave Chris Christie a hard time for not going for the jugular, or propping up Mitt all that much. I can understand why it would be expected, but lets not forget that this is Mitt Romney. This is his race to lose. Honestly every debate should be nothing more than Mitt holding up a chart showing the stagnant unemployment numbers, the rising gas prices, and the devaluing of the dollar. If that doesn't work, if Mitt does that and cant pull this one out, then America doesn't need new ideas, it needs a slap in the face.

Its funny how much I like Mike Huckabee. Like I've said so many times I'm a social libertarian, but I love his fiscal policies. Also I love his sense of humor. He's a guy who can really connect with people. I guess the difference between me and him is I pretty much can understand his social values, I just believe that people have the right to live their lives the way they want.

I've been really wondering what is going to happen if Obama gets a second term. Not in terms of the country, I know that's going to come down to Mad Max type living. By 20-14 “thunder-domes” will be erected in all major city's to settle disputes. I think it will be the second time I ever liked an Obama idea.

If I could have one social policy I care about it would have to be abortion. I really think as much as the liberals are going after Romney/Ryan on the minuscule cases of rape and incest, we conservatives need to go after Obama on the case of late term abortion. Also abortion in general.

I really feel the need to call it baby murder. I've often said I don't know where life begins, but I do know where it ends.

I tried to like Condoleezza Rice's speech, but she had a lot of lipstick on her teeth and it was hard to pay attention to anything else. She did have a lot of applause lines though.

Tonight if you're going to watch any of this RNC you should watch the MSNBC coverage. Its FREAKIN BRILLIANT. Just watching them try and rebut any Obama criticism. They actually look baffled at some of this stuff. Rachel Maddow (my future ex-wife) was through the moon when Huckabee said Obama was in favor of infanticide. Well he's never come out and said it, but his voting record speaks for itself. Then again, it was probably Hucabee being racist anyway. That's what we conservatives do.

P.S. I think Condi was the first minority speaker MSNBC showed.

I will have my thoughts on Paul Ryan's speech later today.  stay tuned and what not.

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