Thursday, September 27, 2012

Allahu Snackbar

The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam. -Imam Barack ibn Barack ibn Ali Hussein Obama, PBUH.

The great imam (which means president in Arabic) Barack Hussein Obama issued a fatwa (which means statement in Arabic) to the United Nations today. In this fatwa, the imam, PBUH, said clearly that those who slander the Prophet of Islam, SAW, should not have a future. It can be surmised that, following the holy Qur'an, such apostates should be stoned to death (which is Arabic for chastised) for their blasphemy, so say Allah (which is Arabic for some god).

The imam of the nation of the great Satan (Arabic for the United States), while purging such evil (Arabic for anything Muslims disagree with) from that nation, has reached Forward (Arabic for backwards) to his brothers in Islam to fulfill his ultimate destiny and spread the true faith of his forefathers. He spoke in the Devil's tongue of English of allowing Jews to live, but also said they shall have no future, adding to his blessed fatwa, and commanding the blessed to actually stone them  in the name of the Prophet, SAW. 

He defended in this fatwa, the rights of women to submit cheerfully to Islam, as they should, and to condemn any who disagree with their rights (Arabic for rules) as women under Sharia to no future, which is stoning, so say Allah and his holy Qur'an through the Prophet, SAW. 
And to the Christians, the imam Obama, PBUH, also said that they should be tolerated, but also have no future, which under Sharia means they shall be stoned. As the holy Qua'ran commands, by Allah, through the Prophet, SAW, that all Jews and Christians shall find a place behind a tree (which is Arabic for 'some weird plant that doesn't really belong in a desert') to hide, and the tree shall call out "O Muslim, here behind me is a Jew, or a Christian, or an American soldier. Come kill him (which is Arabic for 'kill him')". And as the imam commands, it shall be so, PBUH.
And of the great imam of the land of the Persians, and of the peoples of Iran, the imam of that place spoke, with the wisdom of the Prophet, SAW, and to those gathered at this New York palace, of the Shah of the New York, he spake in the wisdom of the prophets and of Allah, in the way of the Qur'an: "Israel shall not have a future". And as the imam of Iran, PBUH, commands, so shall it be that, through Sharia, and the holy Qur'an, as written through the Prophet, SAW, that Israel shall be stoned to death (which means completely obliterated in Arabic). 

So shall it be, from these commands of present prophets, Ahmadinejad and Obama, PBUT.

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