Thursday, September 27, 2012


I was sitting around this morning without a clue as to what to write about when I saw THIS.  It really amazes me that someone could honestly believe that Mitt Romney, a guy who has made millions of dollars doesn't know why airplane windows don’t open.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Mitt’s been on a few planes in his day.  I've been on 4, so chances are he’s been on at least 8.  I’ll give him that many, it may be a stretch but you know what?  I think he earned the benefit of the doubt.

This here though is just another example of a liberal hit piece.  Every time someone writes something like this (and Mike does every week) they take a proverbial bullet out of the “faux newz” meme that they continually chant.

By the way I used proverbial bullet instead of the colloquial bullet in the chamber just in case some guy shoots someone in the next 2 days to 15 years and happened to read this blog post, or had a friend who read this blog post, or had a friend who read a blog once, or had a friend.  Cuz we all know it’s just a matter of time before our lovely satire gets blamed for some violence.


  1. I read the article. Wanted to comment. Found this: "We're using Facebook Comments on articles to create a more civil environment for conversation."

    1) I no longer have a FB account. Thought it was a complete waste of time. (I do not give a damn where you're shopping/eating/drinking! I do not give a damn about most everything else you think the whole friggin' world needs to know so you post it. I have a life.)

    2) Some of the most idiotic/vile posts I have ever read were posted on FB. It is no more a "civil environment" than any other web "environment."

    3) I've found other sites that require FB to post a comment. Do these people own FB stock? Are they trying to get back some of their +50% losses? Jeeze, Louise.

  2. I think the point is with facebook it's a much easier way to track movements than with some other 3rd party commenting software.

    not track movements in a conspiratorial way, just they can gather more data in the business sense.

  3. I do hope the writer of that knows that some airplanes do, in fact, have windows that open (I've flown the Cessna 172, in which you can open the windows). And that Romney was actually joking when he even made that remark.

    So, now the left is taking whatever Romney says and making it out to be a gaffe.

    Like, he'll say something mundane such as "I like soup and sandwiches for lunch", and they'll be like "Romney says he likes soup sandwiches. He is so dumb. Everyone laugh at him."