Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can We Save Our Constitution? ~or~ Obama's Waterloo?

Reader Submission from Brycom52

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As some of the dust has settled around the riots in the Middle East last week, Obama administration apologists have made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows, doubling down on their position that the unrest and violence was caused by an obscure video about the Prophet Mohammed that virtually no one has claimed to have seen.
The administration’s statement regarding its reaction to the apology by our embassy in Cairo was both breathtaking in its hubris and alarming in its seeming naiveté.

As Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review Online on Saturday, September 15, “You are to believe that the Obama White House exists in a galaxy separate from the Obama State Department, which itself inhabits a frontier distant and detached from the U.S. embassy in Cairo-except, one supposes for the $38,000 in taxpayer funds the embassy spent on Obama autobiographies, apparently thought to be craved by Egyptians, at least when they are not ever-so-moderately chanting “Obama, Obama, there are still one billion Osamas!”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, (Sunday, September 16), still insists that the attacks were spontaneous events in reaction to the video, and that there was no coincidence or coordination concerning the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

How long will it be before the Obama administration takes its cues from the Islamic Imams and the Arab nation government leaders to allow mob rule to overcome our First and Second Amendment rights? Mr. Obama is a Constitutional scholar, as well as a former Constitutional Law instructor at the University of Chicago. When he ignores the Constitution while writing Executive Orders, he knows exactly what he is doing.

Are we to see an “October Surprise” of Martial Law as demonstrations spin out of control, urged on by a seeming ham-fisted foreign policy by our erstwhile president? Or, was that the intention all along? Will this be the triggering event, no pun intended for the Department of Homeland Security to break out some of its newly-acquired cache of  750 million rounds of high-powered hollow point ammunition? Will this be the cause for the president to suspend the Constitution he loathes so much allowing him to send Congress packing, declare Martial Law and cancel the November elections? Is the Obama crowd really ready to stage a coup to keep themselves in power and complete a plan to enslave the American people? This idea has already crept into mainstream thought. After all, if you have already ignored and breached the Constitution in “little things” over and over, how large a step is it to totally abrogate the entire document?
God forbid! But events will unfold as they will.

Speaking of God, it is good to remind ourselves that He is still in control, and that the word FEAR breaks down to False Evidence Appearing Real. There is no need to fear, but there is reason to pray-for Peace, for the continued existence of God-ordained Freedom in the United States of America, and for God’s Will to be done!
(On a personal note, I am glad that a talent the caliber of Andrew McCarthy believes as I do-that his readers are capable of digesting a 72-word sentence without losing their place!)

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