Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Facebook Fail: We're Going To Blame Obama Edition

I regret not buying Google stock when they had their IPO.

I regret not buying Ford stock when it was under 2 bucks a share.

I regret not buying Apple stock back when forest gump was in theaters.  (In my defense on that one I was in high school)

I’m so glad I stayed away from facebook stock.  I didn’t think it would be THIS bad, but it is trading at almost half their IPO, and a lot of annalist think it’s worth less than that.

I remember after Bush was elected a punk record label blamed him for the price of stamps going up.  Even though they were set to go up before he was in office, and stamps went up at least twice under Clinton.

So I think it’s pretty safe we can blame Obama for this one.  Just one more reason this guy is a complete failure.

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