Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Racism Is Not By Who You Think, You Know Unless You Already Though About Who This Is About

The only thing that makes me complain more than fake racism is my crushing loneliness.  It bothers me because, well, yes racism is still alive and well.  It’s still used in dog whistle politics, and is still used to drive a voting base out to vote.

Politicians usually don’t say it themselves though.  They use surrogates for that, like this oneHERE.

Were you surprised to see a story about Michel Obama?  You really shouldn’t be, or at least, you should understand what this blog is about.

The amount of racism charged and thrown at republicans on a daily basis, if quantified into tangible assets could fill Ford Field in Detroit, (it’s a sports ball location for those that don’t know) in a matter if minutes..

I’m going to switch gears here for a moment and jump off the racism charge, and go into Romney is right about the 47% charge.  Take these words by Jesse L. Jackson.  At this same conference he was speaking of gay marriage and said this.

“I support the proposition. I cannot put it on the front of the line,” he told the assembled delegates. “Don’t win the same-sex debate and lose the right to a house, health and education.”

“Right to a house and health”, that seems pretty cut and dry to me on Romney’s end; and as far as the education thing goes, we all know that Romney's first act in office will be to close every public school down.  He stated that at one of the debates right?

So remember, all politicians speak out of both sides of their mouth, but only one group has learned to juggle the media and placate minorities at the same time.

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