Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Liberals Realize Racism

Before I get started with this, I just want to say there is a good chance I will confuse myself with this post.  So with that being said!

On the radio lately there have been two local hosts’s who have delved into topic that some, would call dog whistle racism.  Those some by the way are democrats, and by the way, I’m pretty sure I figured out why they always know it.

It’s no secret that democrats really are the racist ones.  I truly believe that they don’t know it, will never know it, and cant know it for fear that if they realized what giant hypocrites they are the earth would implode on itself;  and if that happened where would I live?

The logical argument I’m going to present comes from one thing.  When democrats do anything, they always market test it to blacks and other minorities.  The way they see things if blacks and minorities like it, the liberal guilt in whites will drive the rest home.  It doesn’t matter if whites will use a service more (food stamps, welfare) what matters is the perception that they drive constantly that they are “fighting for the little guy”.  When we all know they are just fighting to keep the little guy (black or white) dependent.

Now fast forward a few years to the point of where the previous program begins to decline to the point of insolvency.  The democrat stands up for more taxes in order keep the failed program running, republicans call for reform.

This is where they get you.

Let’s give our typical republican a name.  Something that no person would ever have as a first name, how about Newt?  When our fictitious Newt decides to run for president he makes a claim that our current president is the food stamp president because of the amount of people on… well food stamps.

This enrages the democrat; let’s give him the most stupid name ever, something that just screams "I'M AN IDIOT;  how about Chris Mathews, just for example?  “How could he use food stamp president, doesn’t he know he’s picking on my hero”?  So Chris thinks about it for a while, and determines the only reason he’s saying any of this is because Newt must be racist.  I think a lot of black people are on food stamps so everyone else must think its all black people.  That’s just how it works.

Now never mind that Newt practically grew up as an army brat and lived most of his childhood in Europe before finally settling down in Georgia.  Never mind that the guy has a PHD in History and taught history as well.  Also, never mind that Newt has never been on record for ever doing anything racist before now.  This guy waited his entire life to somehow become racist?  Just now, you’re telling me just now when Newt runs for president and brings up how many people are on food stamps that he’s suddenly become racist?  the guy who championed welfare reform is now suddenly racist?

So there you have it, the true racism is not in the republican (not that republicans cant be racist) its in the democrat (not that all democrats are racist).

The End!

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